Latest information on vineyard restructuration subsidies

Guidelines on obtaining vineyard restructuration subsidies are now available at your Vinifhlor agencies (‘Franceagrimer’ just recently). To obtain maximum benefits, you must have your plot controlled by a qualified agent before undertaking any work (picking, labour, etc.). Contact your agencies or our team for further information.

After the rain comes the sun!

Finally, the weather’s improving. The Mistral’s been back for a week now, along with the sun and the decent dry weather we’ve been hoping for for so long. Despite the large amounts of rainfall this winter, the soil is drying out quickly letting us get back to work on our land with our machines. The pruning is advancing well and ground work can recommence. Good Luck to everyone! Philippe BERNARD

The work of the nursery!

Finally! Plant picking, along with its share of unfortunately all too familiar scenarios (rain, mud, frost and snow are part and parcel of the joys of agricultural work in winter…), is over. It’s time for gathering the budwood and rootstock mother vines and for preparing the soil for 2010. We’re already planning 2010’s grafting and combinations.

In the workshops:

We’ve finished sorting the plants and have started on the conditioning stage (cutting roots and stalks, dipping in paraffin wax and conditioning).

Conversely, the first rootstocks have been removed and the first budwood cut and ready to be grafted.

In your vineyards:

It’s time to finish preparing the soil – something that couldn’t be done in autumn because of the heavy rains.

It’s also time to start thinking about 2010’s planting projects, so that we can determine together the most suitable rootstock / grape variety equation for you and include it in our grafting plan.

Don’t forget, either, to order this spring’s replacement plants!

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We have been in the winemaking and viticultural nursery business for three generations, so selecting budwood and cultivating vine plants is second nature to us.